Adoption is not “trafficking” Mr Prime Minister, and volunteers are not “smugglers”


  • the President of the Hellenic Republic, Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou
  • the Prime Minister of Greece, Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis
  • the Hellenic Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food
  • the Hellenic Ministry of the Interior
  • the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • the Embassies of the following countries: Germany, Great Britain, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Canada

For many years now, volunteers around Greece have been devoting their lives to improving the quality of life of owned and stray animals, one of Greece’s open wounds. 

We have been spaying and neutering, educating, rescuing and rehoming, in Greece and abroad, driven by our love for animals and our only goal: their well-being. It has been our hope that the situation will improve, that the new generations won’t make the mistakes of the past ones, and that we will help shape a more hopeful future for our country – the country we live in and love. 

Unfortunately, in addition to the huge struggles we face every day, we have to cope with the unsubstantiated lies of an extreme minority, whose only goal seems to be defamation, and its driving force their hatred for their fellow citizens, but most of all, their hatred for animals.

We are tired of hearing about ‘illegal trade and animal trafficking’ and similar unsubstantiated claims, even from newspapers of mass circulation and popular TV channels that base their stories on fake news. While the global animal welfare movement is fighting to eliminate the trade and illegal trafficking of purebred animals from horrendous puppy mills, and running campaigns to educate the public and promote adoption, Greece refers to adoption as ‘trafficking’, even in parliamentary interpellations.

No, stray animals are not sent abroad for ‘laboratory experiments’, because no laboratory would ever use ex strays of different breeds, ages and medical backgrounds. Ask any scientist. All laboratory animals are purpose-bred and need to meet specific standards and requirements. The international animal welfare community is fighting against such practices. No, dogs are not sent to brothels in Germany. Is this our view of Europe? Of European citizens? Of the tourists who have been supporting the Greek economy for years? Is this the image Greece wants to project? Is Greece a country that accuses its fellow European nations of bestiality – without proof? No, the Europeans don’t buy Greek strays to make sausages either; this would not be economically viable, to say the least.

Animal welfare practices are open and international. Charities in developing counties and countries with large numbers of stray animals depend on adoptions in Europe, the USA and Canada. Many animals from Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Cyprus are adopted across Europe. Many animals from Latin America and the Bahamas are adopted in the USA and Canada. Many dogs from Thailand, South Korea and the horrible dog meat market in China are rescued and adopted in Europe, the USA and Canada. The terms and conditions for these adoptions are very strict, and so are the home checks. And when they do happen, these adoptions are unconcealed and transparent. Unfortunately, it is only in Greece that the meaning of the word ‘adoption’ is distorted. It is only in Greece that ‘adoption’ is referred to as ‘trade’ – as if Greece is on a different planet.

How is this possible? Is this the image we want to project to the world as a country? Are these the values we have as a nation? Is this the level of our knowledge and morality? Are our fellow European citizens monsters who buy Greek strays and abuse them in brothels? Are we accusing European tourists to Greece of bestiality? The same tourists who leave our country with a bitter-sweet feeling after seeing so many stray and chained animals?

Every day, all of us volunteers struggle on the streets of the country. Rescuing an animal is a long process, and we see it through from start to finish: we collect it off the street, we foster it, we provide food and medical care – spaying/neutering, vet visits, blood tests, deworming, vaccinations, treatments, surgeries – we spend time with it to help with its socialization and, eventually, its long-awaited adoption – so that it doesn’t end up back on the street. We rescue animals from death, with our clothes covered in blood and tears in our eyes; we give away our time selflessly out of love for the animals; all we want is to offer them the best we possibly can. And the only thing we ask is for the state to support us – practically support us.

We have proven who we are and what we do – we prove it every day – and our actions should be considered an advertisement for Greece. Instead, we are met daily with slandering, defamatory libels, and local authorities who, for the most part, act at will and refuse to offer us the basics. We are met with a state that finds it difficult to apply EU legislation on animal welfare. And it does so only when it comes to strays, allowing the transportation of all other animals for commercial purposes.

In all countries of the European Union, animals can easily – and legally – be transported using the TRACES system, which, as the EU directive foresees, acts as a safety net during the transportation of animals for commercial or adoption purposes. As its name suggests, it is a system that can ensure an animal can be tracked and traced – from the moment it leaves a country to the moment it arrives at its new owner. With it, the veterinary offices of the destination countries receive all necessary information on the animal’s origin, arrival and new owner. Unfortunately, in Greece, and only in Greece, this simple process of using TRACES to issue the necessary documentation is extremely complicated, making the adoption of strays impossible for European citizens. Why? Why can the TRACES system be used for animals that we trade for profit – from goats to eels – but not for strays? Have the voices of the insane reached the authorities? Does the Greek state believe that its European partners engage in bestiality? Why won’t the state support the legal charities, facilitating the transportation and adoption of strays?

Us volunteers are not unemployed, lazy, uneducated, problematic people. To achieve what have achieved so far, we have sacrificed a lot: our finances, our personal life, time with our families. We have managed to build long-term relationships between us and with the countless foreign volunteers who care and fight for the animals of our country.

We struggle daily, trying to co-operate with our municipalities, our local authorities and the regional veterinary authorities. We ask for very little and are given nearly nothing – not in food, spaying and neutering or veterinary care – nearly nothing in support. Yet we keep fighting out of our love for animals. And instead of having the respect of the local authorities for the work we do, the state is an obstacle, even when it comes to adoptions.

You might think it’s crazy, but there are people in Greece and abroad who would give their lives for values – without any financial gain.

Whoever is screaming murder and falsely naming rescue and adoption ‘trade’ has never rescued a stray in their lives. They are not in the slightest aware of the expenses incurred for veterinary care, medicine, blood tests, food, surgeries and maintenance. All these expenses are mainly covered by donations from our Greek and foreign supporters, while the money that is donated with each adoption barely covers 10% of the animal’s expenses. The adoption fee is an international practice of nearly every charity, shelter or organization. It is offered by the future family of the animal to help cover some of the expenses, and is an indication of good will and credibility. It is basically a donation from the family. It is only in Greece that a twisted, delusional minority labels the adoption fee ‘a commercial transaction’. Such disgrace.

The animal welfare movement is huge internationally, counting millions of people from all over the world. The people, in Greece and abroad, who have been following and trusting us for years are several hundreds of thousands. They trust us because our actions are open and public, our work clear-cut and honest, and our dedication indisputable.

Excellent adoptions take place both in Greece and abroad. For the well-being of all the animals that we have rescued, that we have stood by the side of during endless sleepless nights, that we fed and loved, we have proof. Ask for it. Take a look at what we do, visit our websites and social media, talk to us.

Talk to us so that we can tell you how much we have stood by Greek people, educating, helping and hoping for a better future. Talk to us and ask what countless European citizens have to say about us; they’re the same European citizens who, for years, have stood by Greece, a country that has always relied on friends and people who love its history and culture. Ask us about the Greeks and Europeans who have adopted Greek strays, animals that they adore, that they write books about and whose stories they share with the international animal welfare community. They’re same European citizens that visit Greece as tourists and then have something good to say about it because they meet people like us during their stay.

Ask the minority that is accusing us what their action is exactly. How many educational programmes do they run? How many TNR programmes? How many animals have they rescued? How many adoptions have they had? Why don’t they oppose the trade and illegal trafficking of purebreds? Ask them who the members of their organizations are, and how active those members are. Ask them if they are actual charities, with active volunteers, or just random names on paper. What solution do they propose to this huge problem in their country – a country that is estimated to have 3 million stray dogs and double the number of stray cats? And, above all, what proof do they have of their claims?

Enough is enough. This practice of screaming murder without any proof will not be tolerated. We are not hiding behind screenshots with random, stolen photos and fake headlines – we have nothing to hide. What we do is obvious, undisguised and straightforward. We are not guilty until proven innocent; we are innocent and call on anyone who has proof to present it publicly, without hiding behind insinuations, false allegations, hatred for Greece, hatred for us – Greek citizens giving our lives for a better country – and above all, hatred for animals.

As animal rescuers, we have learned to handle injustice. But this distortion of the truth is something we simply cannot tolerate any longer because we are not the only ones affected by it.

We call on:

The Prime Minister to openly discuss with us – the people who are fighting to make this country a better place; the people in the front line.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food and the Ministry of the Interior to facilitate our work, rather than becoming an obstacle by misinterpreting laws and issuing incomprehensible bulletins.

The Local Authorities and Municipalities to collaborate with their local charities – those whose volunteers’ untiring efforts help improve the quality of life of local citizens and animals alike. We do recognize that some local authorities are indeed working with and standing by volunteers. We are grateful to them for this, but unfortunately, they are the exception, not the rule.

The Embassies to clarify what should be self-evident, and to restore the reputation of their countries and their citizens. They can contact us for further information or clarification.

Greek Citizens to once again stand by our side; to come meet us in person, see our work, visit our websites, read our stories, offer voluntary work and help us fight for a better future. We are not faceless beings that hide behind social media profiles. We are people like you. We are volunteers. We have jobs, families, problems and personal lives just like everyone else. Those of you who have met us already know this very well.

European Citizens to react; to contact their embassies and to help restore the truth as well as their own reputation.

Finally, we call upon any animal welfare charity or organization that is in agreement with the above to contact us so that they can also cosign this letter.

This letter is cosigned by the following animal welfare organizations in Greece:

  1. ‘ΑΓΓΙΖΩΟ’ Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Κοζάνης (‘ΑGIZOO’, Kozani Animal Welfare)
  2. Αδέσποτα Όνειρα (Stray Dreams)
  3. Αδέσποτα Ωρωπιοτάκια (Strays of Oropos)
  4. Αδέσποτες Πατούσες Πύργου (Stray Paws of Pyrgos)
  5. Αδέσποτες Φωνές Stray Voices Μοσχάτου Ταύρου
  6. Αδέσποτοι Εθελοντές Λάρισας (Larissa’s Stray Volunteers)
  9. Αδεσποτούλια Ξάνθης (Strays of Xanthi)
  10. ΑΝΙΜΑ Σύλλογος για την Ηθική Αντιμετώπιση των Ζώων Ιωάννινα (ANIMA Association for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Ioannina)
  11. Αχαϊκός Σύλλογος για τη Μέριμνα των Ζώων (Achaic Society for the Care of Animals, Patras, Greece)
  12. Γαλατσιώτικες Αδέσποτες Φάτσες ΓΑΦ (Animal Welfare of Galatsi GAF)
  13. Γνωρίζω – Αγαπώ – Φροντίζω (GAF)
  14. ‘Διασώζω’ – Φιλοζωικό και Πολιτιστικό Σωματείο Καρδίτσας (‘Diasozo’ Animal Rescue Team of Karditsa)
  15. Ένωση Ζωοφίλων Θήρας (Santorini Animal Welfare, SAWA)
  16. ΕΠΑΑΖ Εταιρεία για την Περίθαλψη Αδέσποτων και Άγριων Ζώων (EPAAZ, Society for the Care of Stray and Wild Animals)
  17. ΕΣΠΙ – Ελληνικός Σύλλογος Προστασίας Ιπποειδών (Greek Horse Protection Society)
  18. Ζακυνθινός Όμιλος Μέριμνας Ζώων (Zakynthos Animal Welfare)
  19. ΖΟΕ Σαλαμίνας (Salamina Animal Rescue Team)
  20. Ζω.Ε.Σ. (Ζωοφιλικές Ενημερώσεις Σχολείων)
  21. ΖΩΦΙΨΥ – Φιλοζωικη Ένωση Προστασίας Αδέσποτων Φιλοθέης–Ψυχικού (‘ZOFIPSY’ – Filothei–Psychico Animal Welfare)
  22. Ζωοφιλική Αδέσποτων Πηλίου (Pelion Animal Welfare)
  23. Ζωοφιλική Ένωση Αμαλιάδας (Amaliada Animal Welfare Union)
  24. Ζωοφιλική Ένωση Ηλιούπολης (Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union)
  25. Zωοφιλική Ένωση Μεγάρων (Megara Animal Welfare Union)
  26. ΖΩΟΦΙΛΟΣ &ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ (Halkida Animal Welfare & Environmental Association)
  27. ΖΩΟΦΟΡΟΣ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ (Zophoros, Crete)
  28. ‘Η Αγάπη’ Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Δήμου Πυλαίας–Χορτιάτη (‘AGAPI’ Animal Welfare – Pylea–Chortiatis Municipality)
  29. Η ΦΩΝΗ ΤΗΣ ΓΑΤΑΣ (VOCAL – Voice of the Cat’s Alliance)
  30. ΙΠΠΟΘΕΣΙΣ, Πανελλήνιος Σύλλογος Προστασίας Ιπποείδών (IPPOTHESIS, Panhellenic Equine Welfare)
  31. Καταφύγιο Αδέσποτων Ζώων (KAZ Shelter for Stray Animals)
  32. Καταφύγιο Ζώων (Animal Refuge)
  33. Κέντρο Προστασίας και Περιθαλψης Αγριας Ζωής Μεσσηνια (Wildlife Rescue Center Messinia)
  34. Κιβωτός – Animal Rescue Kos
  35. Κιβωτός Κέρκυρας (Corfu Animal Welfare)
  36. Κίνηση για τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων ΚΙ.ΔΙ.ΖΩ.
  38. Κορίνθια Προστασία Αστικής Πανίδας (Korinthean Protection of Urban Fauna)
  39. Κορωπί Πολιτισμός – Περιβάλλον – Ζωοφιλία (KoropiCulture–Environment–AnimalWelfare)
  40. Μέριμνα Αδέσποτων Ζώων Πτολεμαΐδας ‘Οι Μουσούδες’ (‘Mousoudes’ AnimalWelfare, Ptolemaida)
  42. Πανελλήνια Ομάδα Κατά της Κακοποίησης Ζώων (Panhellenic Group against the abuse of Animals)
  43. Παρέμβαση για τα Ζώα – Πρέβεζα (Intervention for the Animals – Preveza)
  44. Πήγασος – Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Πικερμίου (Pegasus Animal Welfare, Pikermi)
  45. Πολιτιστικό & Φιλοζωικό Εθελοντικό Σωματείο Ν. Τρικάλων ‘Άρτεμις’ (Artemis Cultural and Animal Welfare Association)
  46. Πολιτιστικό Οικολογικό-Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο ‘Αίσωπος’ Καβάλας (Kavala Animal Welfare ‘Aisopos’)
  47. Πολιτιστικός Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Γυθείου (Gythio Cultural and Animal Welfare Society)
  48. Πολιτιστικός Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Μονεμβασιάς (Animal Welfare Association of Monemvasia)
  49. ΠΟΛΙΤΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΦΙΛΟΖΩΙΚΟΣ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΣΠΑΡΤΗΣ (Sparti Animal Welfare and Environmental Association)
  50. Πολιτιστικός Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Φροντίζω Αλεξανδρούπολης (Alexandroupoli Animal Welfare & Environmental Association Frontizo)
  51. ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑ ΖΩΩΝ ΑΙΓΙΝΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΓΚΙΣΤΡΙΟΥ (Animal Protection Aegina Agistri)
  52. ΣΠΑΖ – Σύλλογος Προστασίας Αδέσποτων Ζώων (SPAZ – Society for the Protection of Stray Animals)
  53. Στέγη Ζώων Άγιος Φραγκίσκος Ασσίζης
  54. Στέγη Προστασίας Αδέσποτων Ζώων (TakisShelter)
  55. Στοργή, Φίλοι Ζώων Σκύδρας (‘Storgi’ Animal Welfare, Skydra)
  56. Σύλλογος Αγάπης για τα Ζωά Κόρινθος (Korinthos Love for Animals Animal Welfare)
  57. Σύλλογος Προστασίας Ζώων Πάρου (Paros Animal Welfare Society PAWS)
  58. Σύλλογος Προστασίας των Ζώων Σητείας “Αλληλεγγύη” (Sitia Animal Rescue)
  59. Σωματείο Ζωόφιλων Λευκάδας (Lefkada Animal Welfare)
  60. Σωματείο Κύμης Αλιβερίου (Organization of Kimi – Aliveri)
  61. Σωματείο Περίθαλψης και Προστασίας Αδέσποτων Ζώων (Organization for the Care and Protection of Stray Animals –
  62. Σωματείο Προστασίας Δικαιωμάτων Ζώων & Περιβάλλοντος ‘Οδυσσέας’ (‘Odysseas’ Organization for the Protection of Animal Righs & the Environment)
  63. Σωματείο Φιλόζωων Κεφαλληνίας (Kefalonia Animal Trust)
  65. Τετράποδη Αγάπη (Four-Legged Love)
  66. Υδραϊκή Κιβωτος (HydraArk)
  67. Φιλανθρωπικός, Φιλοζωικός και Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος ΚΥΝ-ωνία (SoudaShelterProject)
  68. Φιλοζωικη Δραση Εθελοντων Αγιας Μαρίνας Κορωπίου (Aghia Marina Koropi Volunteers Animal Action)
  69. Φιλοζωική Δράση Θεσπρωτίας (Thesprotia Animal Action)
  70. Φιλοζωική Δράση Ναυπάκτου (Nafpaktos Animal Action)
  71. Φιλοζωική Ένωση – Αδέσποτες Ψυχές Αμαλιάδας (Amaliada Animal Welfare ‘Stray Souls)
  72. Φιλοζωική Ένωση Βούλας (Voula Animal Welfare)
  73. Φιλοζωική Ένωση Μαλεσίνας – Η Φωνή Των Αδέσποτων (Malesina Animal Welfare – ‘The Voice of Strays’)
  74. Φιλοζωική και Περιβαλλοντική Δράση Εθελοντών Δίου-Ολύμπου ‘Ο Περίτας’ (‘Peritas’ Animal Welfare and Environmental Action of Volunteers of Olympos)
  75. Φιλοζωική και Περιβαλλοντική Ένωση Βάρης Βούλας Βουλιαγμένης “Ο Άργος” (Animal Welfare and Environmental Orgazization Vari Voula Vouliagmeni “Argos”)
  76. Φιλοζωική Κομοτηνής (Komotini Animal Welfare)
  77. Φιλοζωική Ομάδα Αδέσποτα Εξάρχεια
  78. Φιλοζωική Ομάδα Γρεβενών (Grevena Animal Welfare Team)
  79. Φιλοζωική Ομάδα Μαρκόπουλο–Πόρτο Ράφτη (Markopoulo–Porto Rafti Animal Welfare Team)
  80. Φιλοζωικη Ομαδα Οι Αδέσποτες (‘The Strays’ Animal Welfare Team)
  81. Φιλοζωική Ομάδα Σύρου (Animal Wefare Group Syros)
  82. Φιλοζωική Οργάνωση Αγρινίου (AgrinioAnimalWelfare)
  85. Φιλοζωικό Πολιτιστικό και Περιβαλλοντικό Σωματείο ‘Κιβωτός’ (Πολύγυρου) (‘Kivotos’ AnimalWelfare, CulturalandEnvironmentalActionSociety)
  86. Φιλοζωικό Πολιτιστικό Σωματείο ‘Φροντίζω’ (‘Frontizo’ Animal Rescue and Welfare Organisation)
  87. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Άργος Θεσσαλονίκη (‘Argos’ Animal Welfare, Thessaloniki)
  88. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Αρτέμιδας (Artemida Animal Welfare)
  89. ΦΙΛΟΖΩΙΚΟ ΣΩΜΑΤΕΙΟ ΒΟΛΟΥ ΚΟΣΜΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΦΥΣΗ (Animal Welfare of Volos World and Nature)
  90. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Η Αδέσποτη Φωνή (‘Stray Voice’ Animal Welfare)
  91. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Δεύτερη Ευκαιρία (SCARS – Second Chance Animal Rescue Society)
  92. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Ιωαννίνων Κίνηδη για τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων ΚΙ.ΔΙ.ΖΩ. (Animal Welfare of Ioannina KI.DI.ZO.)
  93. Φιλοζωικο Σωματείο Λάρισας Αnim.A.L. (Animal Adoptions Larissa)
  94. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Λήμνου Αδέσποτες Ψυχές (Lemnos Animal Rescue – ‘Stray Souls’)
  96. Φιλοζωικο Σωματείο Ναυπλίου Αδέσποτοι (Nafplio Animal Rescue ‘Adespoti’)
  98. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Κιλκίς (Kilkis Animal Welfare)
  99. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο ‘Οδυσσέας’ (‘Odysseas’ Animal Welfare)
  100. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Πανοράματος ΄Κύων και Γαλή’ (Panorama Animal Welfare – ‘Kyon & Gali’)
  102. Φιλοζωικό Σωματείο Σάμου (Samos Animal Welfare)
  103. Φιλοζωικός Όμιλος Καλαμάτας (Kalamata Animal Welfare)
  104. Φιλοζωικός Όμιλος Καρδίτσας (Karditsa Animal Welfare)
  105. Φιλοζωικός Όμιλος Σερρών (Seres Animal Welfare)
  106. Φιλοζωικός Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Δήμου Ευρώτα (Animal Welfare & Environmental Association Evrota)
  107. Φιλοζωικός Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Εθελοντών Κορδελιού–Ευόσμου ‘Πράξη & Δράση’ (Animal Welfare and Cultural Action of the Volunteers of Kordelio-Evosmos ‘Praxi & Drasi’)
  108. Φιλοζωικός πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Φυλής “ΑΓΑΠΑΖΩ” (Animal Welfare Association of Fili “AGAPAZO”)
  109. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Αιγιάλειας ‘Τα Φιλαράκια’ (‘Ta Filarakia’ Animal Welfare Association of Aigialeia)
  110. ΦΙΛΟΖΩΙΚΟΣ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΒΟΡΕΙΑΣ ΕΥΒΟΙΑΣ ΑΡΤΕΜΙΣ (Northern Evia Animal Welfare Artemis)
  111. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Θήβας Άγιος Φραγκίσκος (St Francis Animal Welfare Association of Thiva)
  112. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Καρύστου (Karystos Animal Welfare)
  113. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Κρεστενών “ΝΟΙΑΖΟΜΑΙ” (Krestena Animal Welfare “NOIAZOMAI”)
  114. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Νέας Φιλαδέλφειας (Nea Philadelphia Animal Welfare)
  115. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Παγγαίου ‘Η Ελπίδα’ (PaggaioAnimalWelfare ‘Elpida’)
  116. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Πύργου (Pyrgos Animal Welfare Society)
  117. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Ρεθύμνου “Ζωόφιλοι Ρεθύμνου” (Rethimno Animal Welfare)
  118. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Σαλαμίνας ‘Καρδιά’ (Salamina Animal Welfare ‘Kardia’)
  119. Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Χίου (Chios Animal Welfare Society)
  120. Φιλόζωοι Ανατολικού Πηλίου (East Pelion Animal Welfare)
  121. Φιλόζωοι Εθελοντές Πάτρας – Save Patras Strays
  122. ΦΙΛΟΙ ΤΩΝ ΖΩΩΝ ΔΡΑΜΑΣ (Friends of Animals Drama)
  123. Φίλοι Ζώων Ωραιοκάστρου (Friends of Animals Oreocastro)
  124. Animaid Animal Rescue AMKE
  125. Αnimal Action Aid – Δράση και Βοήθεια για τα Ζώα
  126. Animal Care Lefkas
  127. Animal Rights Runners
  128. Cat Rescue Athens
  129. Cats Pyjamas Rescue
  131. Dreamdancers
  132. Ethos and Empathy
  133. Filos Dog Rescue – Πολιτιστικός Φιλοζωικός Σύλλογος Φίλος Διάσωσης Σκύλου
  134. Furever Friends
  135. Healing Paws Animal Rescue
  136. Help Athens Lonely Cats – Prince Cats House
  137. Let’s Be S.M.A.R.T.
  138. LiberalAnimal Greece
  139. Nine Lives Greece – Οι Επτάψυχες
  140. SAPT Hellas
  141. Save a Greek Stray
  142. Skiathos Cat Welfare Association
  143. Stray Paws Santorini

This letter is cosigned by the following animal welfare organizations abroad:

  1. Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue (USA)
  2. A.C.E. Tiere in Not e.V. (Germany)
  3. Anima Lefkada e.V (Germany)
  4. Begegnungsstätte Mensch-Hund e.V. (Germany)
  5. Caring for the Animals Trust (United Kingdom)
  6. DASH DOGS UK (United Kingdom)
  7. Dog Rescue Greece (The Netherlands)
  8. ” DFA ” Danish Friends of Animals (Denmark)
  9. Fellnasen Stuttgart e.V. (Germany)
  10. Flying cats e.V. (Germany)
  11. Förderverein Arche Noah Kreta e. V./Tierärztepool (Germany)
  12. Foundation Animal Association International Stichting AAI (The Netherlands)
  13. George Animal Foundation(The Netherlands)
  14. Graeske HUNDE (Denmark)
  15. Greek Animal Rescue (United Kingdom)
  16. Greek Cat Welfare Society (United Kingdom)
  17. Grekisk Gatuhund (Sweden)
  18. Griechische Pfötchen suchen ein Zuhause e.V. (Germany)
  19. HIPAW Humans for International Projects in Animal Welfare (USA)
  20. Hundegarten Serres E.V (Germany)
  21. (Denmark)
  22. Limani – Hoffnung fuer Streunerpfoten e.V (Germany)
  23. Look Tierschutzverein Deutschland e.V. (Germany)
  24. Mirtos Animal Project (The Netherlands)
  25. New England Helps Greek Strays (USA)
  26. Nothunde-Team e.V. (Germany)
  27. Pfoetchenhilfe Bayern e.V. (Germany)
  28. Pfotenhilfe Oropos-Attikis e.V. (Germany)
  29. Sappho’s Stray Cats (The Netherlands)
  30. SettusFree Happy Tails (UK)
  31. Skylos Strays (The Netherlands)
  32. Stichting Huize zwerfhond (The Netherlands)
  33. Stichting Setter Rescue (The Netherlands)
  34. Stichting Story of the Strays (The Netherlands)
  35. Stichting Zwerfdieren Kreta (The Netherlands)
  36. Strassenhunde Kreta e.V (Germany)
  37. STRAY Einsame Vierbeiner (Germany)
  38. Tiere in not griechenland e.v. (Germany)
  39. Tierfreunde Kefalonia (Austria)
  40. Tierhilfe 2Leben e.V (Germany)
  41. Tierhilfe-Korfu e. V. (Germany)
  42. Tierhilfsnetzwerk Europa e.V. (Germany)
  43. Tierpflegenest Backnang – artgerechtes Tierheim e.V. (Germany)
  44. Tierschutzverein Südkreta e.V. (Germany)
  45. Tierschutzverein Tierisch Grenzenlos e. V. (Germany)
  46. Tlapky z Korfu z.s/Paws from Corfu (Czech Republic)
  47. Zorro Dogsavior e.v. (Germany)

With the support of the three animal welfare federations:

  1. Πανελλαδική Φιλοζωική και Περιβαλλοντική Ομοσπονδία -ΠΦΠΟ (Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmantal Federation)
  2. Πανελλήνια Φιλοζωική Ομοσπονδία – ΠΦΟ (Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation)
  3. Ζωοφιλική Ομοσπονδία Σωματείων Αττικής-Σαρωνικού (Attica-Saronikos Animal Welfare Federation)


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