Animal volunteers threatened online, seemingly on behalf of the Ministry

We’ll wait for you everywhere, evn though the people who know don’t speak out. It’s easy. We’ll make your every day a living hell, we’ll give you headaches, and get you adrenaline soaring (…) We know how to manipulate too… WAIT FOR US

With public threats and an abominable language, one of the slanderous and highly racist facebook pages that seem to exist for the sole purpose of slander, and the spread of a conspiracy theory invented decades ago (Greek strays being sold abroad for profit) , the administrator publicly threatens the volunteers of the animal welfare orgnaizations.

As this page is one of those that spread lies about illegal trafficking strays, a myth of Greek invention, combined with racist rhetoric, slander and persecution of volunteers, any relationship of the administrator with the authorities should of course be considered dangerous. However, on a similar page of similar rhetoric, former deputy Minister of Agriculture posted publicly, implying that the volunteers are indeed “smugglers”, so what is the relationship between the political leadership of the country and such extreme circles? And what exactly do these threats that are publicly posted mean?


Could such extreme circles be related in any way to the country’s polititians?

“WAIT FOR US” says at one point. Wait for who exactly? And then it continues stating that “the Ministry knows very well who the late Ioanna Garagouni was“, who as we know was the woman who inspired the conspiracy theory which the page supports.

Any relationship between such extreme, slanderous and racist circles and authority figures should be considered dangerous. If the lies about adoptions named “trafficking” and volunteers called “smugglers” are so deeply rooted in government circles, then the issue is very serious.

Having Greek citizens, volunteers, being threatened through such extreme pages, seeminlgy on the behalf of any Ministry and competent authorities is unacceptable and extremely dangerous in a democratic state. If there is any connection between the two – and we believe there might be, as an ex deputy minister recently legitimized one of those pages by posting on it, then this is clearly a case of cyberbullying by proxy.

We have already emailed the Ministry of Agricultrure about the specific threats, as well as the Ministry of Justice.

Our website, which has been the cause of many similar threats in its first month of operation, was created for these very reasons mentioned above. ‘Because we’ve had enough.

Read more about the topic HERE.

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