Desperate dog rescuer calls networks AROUND the world to investigate what is happening in Greece

With her public appeal on Facebook, Elizabeth, one of the many volunteers in Greece, who helps the strays on a non-profit basis, without any support from the state, calls on networks and journalists around the world to investigate what is happening in Greece.

Greece refuses to issue legal documents so that animals adopted abroad can travel to their families.

Specifically, because the state, in violation of European directives, has been refusing for years to issue legal documents so that animals adopted abroad can travel to their families.

With misinterpretations of European law and incomprehensible circulars, the Ministry has been mocking volunteers for years, who fight every day, carrying on their backs the enormous burden of meditation, care, hospitality and adoption of strays.

This denial by the state seems to be the result of an extreme minority, which in the context of racist and anti-European rhetoric and false accusations, publicly slanders Greek and European citizens.

Greece calls the adoption “smuggling

When the global animal welfare community, being united, fights against the trade and exploitation of purebred animals from horrible breeding farms, Greece calls the adoption “smuggling“. In fact, in a previous post, Elizabeth mentions that the deputy mayor of Chania asked her if she “makes money” from what she does.

Her appeal:

Plain and simple.

I don’t sell animals for a living.

I don’t make a profit off of them either.

I have a legal nonprofit organization. My organization covers philanthropy, animal welfare and cultural issues.

My organization is transparent.

I am a Lady and a respectable citizen of the planet.

I help animals, I help fellow citizens.

I write calling all networks, all reporters, all journalists WORLDWIDE to dig deep and help me discover what is going on here in Greece.

In Greece there is a small group of powerful people spreading lies and propaganda against the Animal Welfare world. They accuse us all of sending animals abroad to brothels, they accuse us of sending animals abroad for vivisection or just plainly they accuse us of sending animals abroad to be sold for profit.

Personally I don’t prefer sending animals abroad for the mere fact that it is too much work and it is too expensive.

I would prefer to find good local homes.

Unfortunately there is no way the population of strays could be absorbed by the general Greek population. Impossible.

So I, along with all of the other rescuers, send animals away to Europe and to any part of the world that will have them and give them the good life they deserve.

The claims of this group that do not want animals leaving the country are based on their ‘fear’ that the animals are being used, neglected and exploited.

They fight tooth and nail, constantly submitting legal claims, informing police with their slander, making the lives of rescuers difficult.

If they are so afraid of the welfare of Greek animals:

1. Why don’t they get off of their asses and rescue an animal?

2. Why do they fight to make a legal EU established tracing method of transported animals illegal in Greece?

You see the European Union has specific paperwork which traces an animal from its country of origin to the country of its destination, to ensure its safety. The TRACES system was specifically established to track the movement of animals from one EU country to another. The vet department of the country of origin informs the vet department of the country of acceptance how many animals are coming, the microchip and health records of each animal, who will except them and what will be done with these animals.

It was initially implemented to track the movement of farm animals from one EU country to another.

In this day and age TRACES are also used for the transport of domesticated animals.

The animals are traced and documented from the minute they leave its origin to the minute they get to its destination.

The Greek government HAS CEASED to issue this paperwork to the Animal Welfare groups. In some areas of Greece, such as Chania, Crete they have stopped since 2013. Greece is the only EU country which does not issue this paperwork called TRACES.


Inquiring minds want to know.

The rescuers who have nothing to hide want to be traced.

The countries excepting animals from Greece are demanding this paperwork.

Yet this paperwork IS NOT being issued.



Below is an animal who lived on the street in Chania, who was threatened to be poisoned. We took her in, nursed her to tip top shape, vaccinated her, chipped her and when it was time, sent her off to her home in Europe.

Not to a brothel or to a laboratory.

Forcing volunteers to prove the obvious in the state itself is not in line with the image of a civilized nation.

The state blocking adoptions forced more than 150 organizations from Greece and abroad to co-sign an open letter to the government, explaining how and why “adoption is not trafficking”

*Follow the amazing work done by Elizabeth and the Souda Shelter Project in Chania here.

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