Foreign adopters reply to racist comments from Greeks – “All we do is love dogs”

Xenophobia, racism and a distorted image of adoption, against all notions of principles established by global animal welfare, have made a minority in Greece, who unfortunately present themselves as part of”animal welfare” doing everything they can to prevent strays from being adopted.

Laura, from Germany, met Charlie in Greece. He was a young stray, with twi broken legs, living on the streets. He was taken into foster care in Athens and months later, Laura flew back to Greece to adopt him. He has been living in Germany for two years now.

As for the racist comments against us, they sadden us, but they don’t affect us. We are hundreds of kilometers away, but unfortunately our friends in Greece, are obliged to live with this reality every day of their lives.

Sophie, Austria.

Indignant and frustrated, many foreigners who have adopted strays from Greece respond to slander, many of them in public. Laura from Germany, Sophie from Austria, Meredith from America, Hazel from England, Ingrit from the Netherlands, and many other families explain how they adopted their favorite animals, why they chose them, and how much they love them.

Sophie has adopted three dogs from Greece. They were all found as strays and very sick.

For all her expenses, which I covered, I was getting proof, and I didn’t doubt for a moment that everything was done right to ensure her health, and her safe transportation to America. I gave her a Greek name, Charisma (charisma) and I’m very happy that she’s with me now.

Meredith, USA

Meredith met her dog, Charisma, while she was on vacation in Greece. Greek volunteers rescued the dog, treated her, and helped her get to the USA months later, where she is now living with her mum, and her four legged sister, Flower,

Why do you make it so hard for people like us to adopt and love these dogs? Dogs that too often fly through the streets like garbage? For us, these creatures are our treasure. Why do you make life so difficult for those who save these dogs, who most of the time fund everything out of their own pockets?

Martina, Germany

Martina from Germany has adopted three dogs from Greece. Pixel, found abandoned as a malnourished puppy, Minos, found shot in the island of Crete, and Lucky, the one in the photo, who was rescued when very elderly, and was adopted by Martina and her husband, so that she could spend the time she had left in a loving home.

Some of them met their animals as strays when they were on holiday in Greece. Others fell in love with a photo, a story, contacted the volunteers, saw more photos and videos, saw their dogs on video. Others visited a shelter in Greece, and chose one of the countless dogs looking for a home.

Sussanne, from Germany and her Greek rescue Pointer, Obama.

I cry with sadness every time I see such images of abuse, and with joy every time a stray reaches his new family. From this I gain strength to continue to help as much as I can. I’ve never taken money for it, I only do it for animals. And you’re accusing me of trafficking.

Susanne, Germany

Some of these animals traveled with their families to their forever home, as the parents came to take them. Others travelled by road to reach their destination.

We were able to close our Oscar in our hearts thanks to the over-effort of Vicky and other Greek volunteers. Thank you

Iris, Germany

Kim and her husband from Chicago adopted George, a Greek stray.

Before the dog I adopted came, there was a home check at my house.. I have no words to express how much I appreciate what the shelter and the people who fostered him in Crete did for the puppy I adopted, and for his brothers. My dog today is one of the happiest, healthiest and social dogs I’ve ever met. The money I gave for EVERYTHING was 250 euros ONLY. I find it difficult to understand why the Government of Greece is not doing everything it can to support even strays, which are mostly cared for by volunteers.

Hazel, England

Mike from Germany and his Greek rescue, Sophie. The Greek government illegaly stopped issuing traces for several charities, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing Mike to travel, risking not only his health, but the health of hundreds of others.

Animal welfare and adoption have no borders, no room for racism, xenophobia and selfishness. The people of the animal world are united worldwide, united by their love of animals alone, and that should be enough.

*The stories are part of the “I am the one who is accused of trafficking” campaign and are intended to present people wrongly accused of “smuggling” when all they have done is adopt and love animals from another country.

*This article, like most in this website are intended for the education of the Greek public, and the Greek authorities. However, many issues covered affect foreign volunteers, and for that reason, some of our articles are translated to English.

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