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This website has been put together by the volunteers of nearly 200 animal organizations from Greece and abroad, who co-signed, on July 2020, an open letter to the Greek government explaining how adoption of strays in not trafficking – probably a global first, as we are not aware of any other country in the world where adoption is labelled “trafficking”.

This very Greek conspiracy theory began decades ago by one woman, and has since then inflitrated the government to such extent, that adoptions of stray dogs are systematically and illegally blocked by the authorities. It all started based on nationalistic and racist rhetoric, that wanted the Greeks to be “better” than anyone else, and that accused foreign rescuers, volunteers and adopters of “trafficking, bestiality” and much more.

For decades, volunteers are being slandered and harassed by journalists, by the local authorities and by politicians themselves, who are not only repeating the ridiculous conspiracy theory of adoptions being a trade and rescuers selling dogs for money, but they are also legitimizing extremely racist facebook pages, that are used to threaten and gaslight volunteers anonymously.

We have had enough and we are seeking international attention of this matter. Please follow the links below for more info:


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